Top 4 Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Often Break

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Top 4 Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Often Break

An overhead door is no doubt, the largest and complex moving element in your property. When it comes to repairing and maintaining a garage door, one needs to take smart decisions. If your residential door isn’t working as desired, there may be some underlying cause behind it. Springs are one of the main components that allow us to operate a door. Broken or damaged torsion springs can risk the integrity of a garage door and compel them to fall. To prevent accidents, its advised to get them replaced by experts.

Some of the reasons that are responsible for broken door springs are:

  1. Rust: With the passage of time, both torsion and extension springs tend to develop rust that ruins the strength of an overhead door. A rusted spring can increase the coil friction that leads to its failure. A regular and quick maintenance helps in preventing rust and results in a smoother door operation.
  2. Wear and tear: Another common reason for torsion spring failure is prolonged use that results in wear and tear. Since springs are responsible for lifting the door weight, they are prone to wear up at a faster pace. Their job is quite stressful and therefore, its advised to get them replaced once in a year.
  3. Lack of maintenance: Poor or no maintenance can degrade the door performance and operation. It is highly responsible for a faulty garage door. To ensure that your installation remains in good working condition, its advised to lubricate and maintain it regularly. In case, you notice that the torsion springs are broken or are not in a correct working order, don’t operate the door. Call in garage door repair professionals to replace the broken torsion and extension springs.
  4. Incorrect installation: All modern garage doors consist of two torsion springs that perform their respective tasks. If the new spring you installed is not having a specified length and wire size, its more likely to fail or break quickly. To solve the problem, its advised to install the right sized door springs.

To ensure a smooth garage door operation, its advised to maintain and lubricate all its hardware components. If you are facing any kind of overhead door issue, feel free to call our expert technicians in Vancouver.

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