4 Tips To Enhance Performance Of A Garage Door

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4 Tips To Enhance Performance Of A Garage Door

Garage doors are one of the heaviest openings that are generally operated multiple times a day. They are responsible for protecting a vehicle and home against natural elements. No doubt, an overhead door installation plays a great role in keeping your valuables and belongings safe from intruders. They can enhance the beauty of a property, along with improving its resale value. To ensure that your garage door performs in a smooth manner for years to come, its important that you should maintain and lubricate it periodically.

Some easy ways to improve the door performance and longevity are:

  1. Regular inspection: If you want to prevent expensive repair costs and damaged elements, then its crucial that you should inspect your garage door regularly. With daily usage, door hardware and components tend to wear or loosen up. There is need to check them on regular basis to make sure the door operates in a smooth manner. To do so, first of all inspect and tighten the nuts, bolts and screws. After that, check the other components like garage door cable, spring and opener. If you notice any cracks or wear tear, call in the professionals for repair.
  2. Regular cleaning: Since garages are located on the outdoors, they suffer through harsh climatic conditions, including wind, snow and rain. This often leads to accumulation of dirt, grime and soil particles on the door panels, track, rollers and corners. To get rid of these dust particles, its advised to clean and maintain the garage and the door itself. Take a mixture of detergent and water and clean the door using a soft scrub to avoid scratches or paint peels.
  3. Apply lubricants: To improve the overhead door performance and smooth mechanism, lubricate all the elements. Using a good quality lubricant spray will help in enhancing the durability feature along with mitigating the risk of damages. Always remember that a lubricant should be sprayed only after cleaning the components properly, otherwise dust will stick on the tracks and rollers.
  4. Clean the tracks: Tracks are responsible for carrying out the door movement. For smooth door operation, make sure that the garage door tracks are clean and free from debris. To do so, clean them on regularly to remove dust or other unwanted elements.

These are the few ways to clean and maintain an overhead door that ultimately leads to smooth movement and efficient performance. If you are concerned about the maintenance of your installation, but due to busy schedule you don’t have enough of time, call our repair professionals at Gulliver Garage Doors Vancouver.

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