Garage Door Springs

Extension or torsion springs are one of the essential elements that balance the weight of the overhead door, while it functions. Since they carry the load of the entire door, they are likely to work under a lot of pressure. This pressure can compel these springs to damage over time.

At Gulliver Garage Doors Vancouver, we offer top-notch spring repair, replacement and maintenance services throughout Vancouver. If you are looking for professional services for mending the broken garage door springs, you have landed on the right platform. Our skilled technicians are capable of fixing all kinds of door springs.

How Frequently Springs Need to be Replaced?

Garage doors are designed to last for years, but their components need to be replaced, as they tend to wear out with time and usage. Need for spring replacement depends on following factors:

  • Weight of the door

Heavier doors involve more force and harsh spring actions, in order to lift up and down. More the weight, harder the springs have to work, and shorter their life is.

  • Size of the spring

Door springs come in varied sizes. There are standard spring sizes for specific garage doors depending upon their measurements. However, choosing a larger spring size will cause less strain due to larger diameter. Smaller springs have shorter life cycles, and require frequent replacements.

These were the few factors that determine how frequently the torsion springs have to be replaced. When you call us for service, our technicians will inspect your door and springs. They’ll inform you about the necessary replacement options, thereby allowing you to choose a specific variety.

What We Offer?

Gulliver Garage Doors Vancouver has a vast experience in replacing and repairing garage door springs. Our team of door repair experts in Vancouver are dedicated to offering top class spring services that includes:

  • Inspecting the door and spring levels.
  • Testing door balance to identify issues.
  • Checking the motor sensitivity and force.
  • Lubrication of springs, and hinges.
  • Replacing damaged torsion springs.

Why Hire Our Services?

  • Garage door installation, replacement and repair.
  • Licensed, bonded and insured technicians.
  • Extension & torsion spring repairs.
  • Fixing any make and model of garage door.
  • Emergency services round the year.
  • Top-notch garage door maintenance.
  • Overhead door safety sensor installation.
  • Replacement and renovation of old doors.

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